The Hero's Journey

A Revolutionary 8-Week Transformational 1-1 Coaching Program for High-Achieving Men Who Are Ready to End the Struggle For the Missing But Most Important Piece -- a Happy Marriage


Does THIS Sound Familiar?

  • You've paid your dues, built your business and/or career; and done right by your wife and kids. 
  • Secretly…deep down…you were thinking this sets you apart from other men, and you deserve some thanks and respect...but every year a deeper divide is growing between you and your wife...
  • You’re frustrated because you’ve paved your way, made your career, excelled in other areas of your life…except marriage
  • You’re losing your confidence…wondering if maybe there’s something wrong or defective with you…and you know if you don't fix it, it's going to show up in your business. 
  • Deep down you're starting to feel like a failure and you’re wondering if you’ll be divorced by this time next year…sadly, your mind drifts more often to figuring out what that might cost you in terms of pain, money, and emotional damage to your kids.

This doesn’t have to be how the story ends.

Right now your wife DESPERATELY needs a HERO. And the number ONE question on your mind should be this:



HERO-CLASS Husbands know a Secret about Balancing Business life and Married Life that Very Few High-Achieving Men Know



What if I told you that...

you could stop having harmful and unproductive arguments immediately...

you can end the cycle of trying to change (and becoming less masculine and attractive in the process) so you can finally be acceptable to your wife (while secretly resenting her for not already thinking you are and losing attraction to you with your every attempted change)…

you can absolutely Lead her to re-attract and re-attach to you and  fall back in love with you, while gaining more respect, and desire for the man you are...

The truth is, you haven't been able to fix your marriage because of one reason (and one reason only)…

You've Been Following The Wrong Map.

And yes, it’s really that simple.

When you trust the wrong map you end up in the wrong place. 

The milestones you've been chasing are WRONG.

That’s the obstacle.

You and I both know you don’t want to follow the wrong map (and you probably suspect that), but, my brother, I'm telling you now that you are.

You’ve simply learned about marriage in the wrong ways and you need some rewiring.

What if you had the RIGHT map? And you understood EXACTLY how to use it? 


Would you ready to POWERFULLY re-attract the Love of Your Life and create a Deeply Loving Marriage? If so, I’ve got the exact road map you need; and I can teach you how to use it.

In Just 8 Weeks...

You're going to complete TWO journeys at the same time.

Your OUTER Journey is the external progress you're going to make in your ability to get her back to the table, the conversation, the marriage, and the bedroom.

Your INNER Journey is the internal progress you're going to make in becoming the MAN who can pull it off, and keep things moving in the direction of BETTER every day for the rest of your life.

You may be familiar with the concept of these two Journeys... 

They're called the HERO'S JOURNEY.

And this time you're the hero.

What I want for you more than anything is to be:

the hero your wife needs...

the hero your kids need...

the hero your untapped potential in the market place needs...

and the hero that God wants you to be...

I want you to come along on these dual Journeys, brother, and I promise you it will change your life, for the better, forever...

And theirs...


You'll be Masterfully


coached in a private, 1-1, on-line setting to gain clarity of your current map using root cause analysis. This process will identify and correct critical blindspots that have closed you off to major shifts that transform your reality from repeated marital failure to repeatable marriage success.




You'll Make

huge leaps in marital productivity by completely rebuilding your relationship belief system, re-training your brain, and rewriting the narrative that has kept you locked into subconsciously sabotaging and repeating the same destructive patterns in your marriage.






You'll Gain Tools

forged, battle-tested, hard-fought and won in over three decades of wife-re-attraction experience in fields from psychology, to neuroscience to spirituality to leadership, and even leveraging ideas from corporate culture --  all rooted in Christianity. Using these tools, I help you get down to the root of what is causing you to NOT have the exact marriage you want and retrain your brain to attract and build the exact marriage you do want.


You'll Remake Yourself

and step into your new identity as an ideal husband who has massively upped his Attraction capability which which will not only re-attract her, but cement her attachment to you.



You'll Gain Marital Confidence

so you can trust yourself again, and navigate ALL areas of your life with certainty. Rooted in marital bliss and intimacy you'll finally be able to 'have it all' and build big business that matters, coming home every night to a warm, comforting, woman who is massively attracted to, and deeply in love with you.



You'll Experience

for yourself that there is more to marriage than 'happy wife, happy life' and that throwing garbage like that out the window in favor of a marriage that works for both of you will result in not only the happiest marriage possible; but one that enables you to achieve all of your goals around health, wealth, family, and spirituality.

Having a deeply connected, healthy, fulfilling marriage starts with YOU…

Join The Over One Thousand Smart Men Who I've Coached Through Completely Transforming Their Marriage to Blissful Intimacy.

You qualify for my program if…

  • You’re a high achieving man who is fierce in your career and financially secure- it's just that marriage is the one last piece of your life that hasn’t worked out for you.
  • You're completely committed to do the deep, inner work because my program is like executive coaching for your marriage. You’ll be getting your “PhD in Being an Extraordinary Husband” in my private, individual, executive level coaching program.
  • You believe in taking responsibility for your past, present and future and are committed to evolving into the absolute best version of yourself.
  • You understand that growth requires courage and trusting the process even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • You get that I can expedite the marital repair process, but that YOU have to show up for yourself and remain committed to doing the work.